Publib Corporate Profile

Publib is a book publisher founded by Yoshiro Hamazaki, a subculture and liberal arts editor also known in the Japanese publishing industry as Hamazakikaku.

Publib’s first book was Death Metal Africa, which attracted significant media attention in Japan with its unique angle focusing on the metal music scene in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The second book, Sovietechno (Kyosan Techno in Japanese), introduced a wide catalog of electronic music from the Soviet Union.

The company name Publib is a representation of many concepts beginning with “pub-” and “lib-,” including publishing, public, pub, liberty, liberation, liberal, libertarianism, liberal ats and library.

While Publib’s primary goal is to pursue unique content that has never been published before, the company also aims to acquire copyrights of unique books from around the world to publish their Japanese translations. Publib also seeks opportunities to export Japan’s never-seen-before books to overseas for translation.

Top Room Shinagawa 1015, Kita-Shinagawa 1-9-7, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0001 Japan
e-mail office(at)publibjp.com


Kaori Kimura “Biographies of Hungarian Exiles” 2019/4

Yuta Umegatani “Breakcore Guidebook:Second Volume” 2019/3

Yuta Umegatani “Breakcore Guidebook:First Volume” 2019/3

Sayuki Okada “Eastern European Black Metal Guidebook2” 2019/1

Masaaki Gamo “Soviet Songs” 2018/12

Koji Nakaya “Skyscrappers5 Korea” 2018/10

Hiroaki Shikata “Eastechno” 2018/9

Tetsuya Mizushina “Death Metal Korea” 2018/8

Yusuke Hasebe “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal Guidebook” 2018/7

Takeshi Sekigami “Picture Book of Chinese Amusement Parks:Southern China” 2018/7

Hisayasu Kurihara “German Colony Studies” 2018/5

Takanori Iwata “The Chinese Anti-Japanese Drama Reader” 2018/4

Eriko Oshima “Notable Figures of Pieds Noir” 2018/2

Hirai Natalia Emi “Hiphop Eastern Europe” 2017/12

Sayuki Okada “Eastern European Black Metal Guidebook” 2017/12

Akira Sakurama, Mizuki Nakamura, Yuto Hishiyama “Tatarstan Fanbook” 2017/11

Taichi Nobii, Masaki Saito, Kenichi Onodera “The Second Reich:Second Volume” 2017/10

Taichi Nobii, Masaki Saito “The Second Reich:First Volume” 2017/10

Kani Sanbiki “The Complete Encyclopaedia of Korean Anime” 2017/9

Ryohei Wakita “Deathcore Guidebook” 2017/9

Yoshitomo Inada “University Entrance Exams that You Can Never Solve” 2017/8

Inchiki Bancho & Kato Angura “The Complete Encylopaedia of Knock off Toys3” 2017/6

Goro Eguchi “Memorizing Historical Years of Japan by Obscene Words” 2017/5

Inchiki Bancho & Kato Angura “The Complete Encylopaedia of Knock off Toys2” 2017/4

Inchiki Bancho & Kato Angura “The Complete Encylopaedia of Knock off Toys: New Edition” 2017/4

Goro Eguchi “Memorizing Historical Years of the World by Obscene Words” 2017/3

Takeshi Sekigami “Picture Book of Chinese Amusement Parks:Central China” 2017/2

Takeshi Sekigami “Picture Book of Chinese Amusement Parks:Northern China” 2017/2

Outbreak Sho “War Bestial Black Metal Guidebook” 2016/11

Ryohei Wakita ” Brutal Death Metal Guidebook” 2016/10

Sakiko Torii “Hiphop Korea” 2016/8

Kazuo Ogasawara “Death Metal Indonesia” 2016/7

Sakyo Matsubara & Masahiro Yamada “History of Virgins” 2016/5

Hiroaki Shikata “Sovietechno” 2016/3

“Death Metal Africa” 2015/9

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